Virtual Reality Games of the Future: Revolutionary Technologies That Will Change Gaming Forever

Virtual reality is now a reality. VR is the next big thing in gaming. And it’s not just about playing games. We can now explore the world without leaving our living room. VR will change the way we learn, the way we date, the way we navigate the web and the way we play Games . I’m not necessarily ready for the future, but I’m excited to see the revolution that will change the normal boring games .

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Virtual Reality Games of the Future: Revolutionary Technologies That Will Change Gaming Forever

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, or VR, is the immersive, 3D simulation of a real environment or a virtual world. The user is completely immersed in the game or experience. The idea was born from the paper “Virtual Reality: History and Architecture”. But VR wasn’t used for gaming purposes until Sony released the Playstation 1 in 1995. The device was an early attempt at a virtual reality headset. The Playstation 1 was called the VR headset, because of the design’s two screens. One of the two screens shows the user in real life, while the other displays a distorted view of the virtual world. Over the years, we’ve seen advancements in the equipment used to create the illusion of virtual reality. Currently, there are three main platforms: Oculus Rift , HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR .

The future of VR

Some people are still not convinced that virtual reality will be more than just a fad. Some VR fanatics even prefer using their old classic gaming systems that require big setups. There are still too many unknowns. What if games stop to be fun? What if games stop being amazing? We will soon know for sure. Virtual Reality will either become the next big thing in gaming or it will fade away. Virtual reality already has the potential to revolutionize gaming, but it’s not about going into the future. I’m here to help you look into the future, and maybe a few steps ahead. These are the next big technological breakthroughs in gaming that are sure to change the way we play our favorite games. As they say, you never know what could be coming next.

How VR changes the gaming ?

Touch And Be Invisible : VR Gaming By Oniro Vision Oniro Vision makes great products. And VR is one of them. You see, Oniro Vision is a company that makes goggles, which come with a 360 degree panoramic view camera built into the strap. Basically, you can look around in the real world without removing your goggles. This technology will enable unprecedented immersion in an AR Environment and any other type of VR experience. So if you’re in an escape room where you have to solve a puzzle, you can look around, point your gun at the puzzle, and you can actually shoot enemies without removing your headset. If you’re in a first person shooter game, you can look around and destroy virtual enemies while looking in the real world. With some fancy technology, VR will go beyond gaming .

Virtual Reality Gaming : The Future of Gaming

This is the evolution of gaming from now until 2029. In 2015, games will be dominated by Virtual Reality . Here’s why: The way we learn In the future, VR will make it possible to share virtual worlds with students, enabling them to have immersive learning experiences. Many universities already have virtual reality labs that let students explore their own city, complete virtual tasks and discover new places. Virtual Reality Games will take this even further, by allowing students to experience things they couldn’t physically see, like exploring Mars. The way we date In the future, virtual reality will make finding a partner, or even a spouse, very easy. Just go to a VR game, click on someone who looks right for you and meet them in the game.

Gaming in 3D with VR

Let’s do something different. Let’s play games in 3D. As you’re reading this article, I’m in a VR game — I’m not messing around. You can see me in the video above. So, today I’m going to talk about the history of VR, why this is revolutionary and what the future looks like for gaming. So, why is VR revolutionary? You can turn your head to see 3D, but now, you can move your head around and change your perspective. Have you ever wanted to explore a new world? When you were a kid, you would open up a new book, and you were stuck in the middle of that chapter. If you were lucky, you’d find another good place to read, but now, you can explore that world in VR. What if you could move your head to see yourself in the future, and see the faces of your friends and family?

Conclusion : The future looks great! Virtual Reality is here. Let’s make it great! Get ready to Enjoy the next level Gaming in 3D VR .

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