National Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh

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India’s most Beautiful , Fastest growing and youngest NIT .

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National Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh is the 31st institution among the chain of NITs started by the Government of India. NIT Andhra Pradesh was established in Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh in the academic year 2015–2016 , after the separation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh . The Completely Individual NIT Andhra Campus was Formed by the Year 2019 . By the year 2021 the institute has got all the facilities no lesser than a top NIT. The Institute is going to join into the list of top NIT’s of the country pretty soon.
It is reputed for the quality of its faculty who have done Phd’s In various IIT’s and top International Universities .The institute has a total of 8 academic departments. Over the years, there has been dynamic and rapid progress at NIT Andhra in both academic and research activities, with a parallel improvement in facilities and infrastructure to match with the best institutions in the world.

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