Is India In Lockdown Still 2021

The number of cases is growing day by day. In the country there are about 0.4MIllion Freshly recorded cases per day. Despite the number of cases growing day by day , The people. In the country are not at all taking care of themselves and are unaware of the severe condition. For the outside world seems to be so severe, this is all because of the population Of the country. This country has a huge population of about 150,00,00,000, which is way more higher than an what an average country .

The government has officially not declared any lockdown , Expertise hint that the govt of India will enounce lockdown soon ,inorder to prevent the spread of covid -19 to all the people of the country .

The texting centers in some ares are so crowded which even leads to new cases ,by standing in long lines

The government has announced free vaccination to all the people abouve te age of 18 . The registration has started in cowin website and arogyasetu app.

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