How to add Amazon Search Bar to your Website and Increase traffic SEO

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Well if you researched about Fast growing SEO Websites run by Individual , you should have known about 24– Or (there are many but these are best two )

The Great thing About both these sites is that they get about 100 Million page views a day .

These are the websites once made by common developer. But wat made them special is

If you deeply study these two websites these two have a strong connection with amazon , and infact Amazon has bought , but 24– is still run by an individual .

The best thing about these sites is that they have only few pages , but still have many visitors on daily basis . Aherfs .com offers services to people related to keyword ranking . while 24– writes small pages on top raking keywords .

How did they achieve that ?

Simple , not only these two , there are many website which use this amazon search bar integration to improve SEO and ranking.

You are About to read the Secret and the most important Trick , do note it somewhere if you need . Bookmark better .

How to Add Amazon search bar to your website or page ?

You simply have to copy this code and paste it in html of site where ever and however you need .

  • Additional Bonus Tips
  • You can Customise the search bar and even show search result by changing the code (Above) amzn_assoc_search_type = “search_box”
    to amzn_assoc_search_type = “search_widget”
  • You can add your custom height and width by changing the values in the code .( you must be knowing the basics )
  • You can change the marketplace and region , by modifying the code above . The default code is for India , yo can change the values of IN according to your website audience country .

Benefits of Using Amazon Search Bar in your Website

  1. Your Audience will be more engaged on your website , for their searches .
  2. The Website starts getting more page views because of the Amazon crawlers .
  3. The Adsence will pay more per visit and gradually you can see a big change in your earnings.
  4. Fun fact is that i tested it a day ago ,on a newly created website on technology and Inventions in market and I use this Amazon Search Bar . Guess What has happened !! In a single day , i was able to get approximately 15000 views for just two blog pages . I immediately though of sharing it and you are here to read it .

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