• James Anthony McGarvie jr

    James Anthony McGarvie jr

    I have become a man that I was only dreamt of , I believe that my story will inspire others to take their power back and stand up for what’s right…

  • Joyce Camille Wann

    Joyce Camille Wann

  • Danson Wainaina

    Danson Wainaina

    Simply Orchestrated.

  • Justine Brown

    Justine Brown

    Cryptocurrency #eth #btc #bitcoin #Artcoin #bounty

  • Brandon Slesser

    Brandon Slesser

    Free spirited. I feel emotions like summer breezes. Lover first and a thinker second.

  • Huzaifa Dilawar

    Huzaifa Dilawar

  • Sergey Muradyan

    Sergey Muradyan

    UX/UI designer and coach; I help brand-new UX/UI designers excel in their first steps, and network like a badass 😎

  • Stella Yiliarbe Kanzye

    Stella Yiliarbe Kanzye

    I write short stories, poems and songs. I get my inspiration from my own life or i just rely on my imagination :)

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