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The role and influence of technology on our personal and working lives is increasing. Understanding how people are shaped by technology and how technology shapes their interactions with others and the natural world is important not only for research that develops and implements new technologies, but also for people and organizations that use technology in their work and private lives. Governments are developing innovative technologies to improve the security of their soldiers.

Different people give it different meanings depending on their point of view and context. The use of the term technology has changed significantly in the last 200 years. The term was unusual in English before the twentieth century and was used to refer to a description of the study of useful arts [3], an allusion to the technical education in the 1861 Massachusetts Institute of Technology charter.

In the 1930s, the term technology referred not only to the study of industrial arts, but also to art itself. In 1937, American Sociologist Read Bain wrote that technology includes tools, machines, utensils, weapons, instruments, sleeves, clothing, communication and transport equipment and the skills we make and use of them. Scientists and engineers preferred to define technology as the applied science of things that humans produce and use.

The technology sector includes companies selling goods and services in the fields of electronics, software, computers, artificial intelligence and other information technology (IT) related industries. The term “technology sector” is sometimes abbreviated to “technology sector” or interchangeably used with the term “technology sector.”. Technology can be defined as any material or immaterial entity created by the application of mental or physical effort to achieve value.

The technology sector is a category of equities related to research, development and distribution of broad-based goods and services. The technology sector includes companies involved in the manufacture of electronics, the development of software and computer products and services, and everything related to information technology. Information is shared through social media, sponsorship, analytics and other providers and service providers

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