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Aug 8 at 05:00 PM AEEE phase 4 marks
Aug 10 Ranks results + CSAP start
15th Aug, 2021 Closing of Registration for CSAP.

16, 17, and 18th Aug Reconciliation of payments
19th Aug Trial Allotment & option to change the academic

preferences already Submitted

20, 21 Aug Reconciliation
22nd Aug First Allotment
23, 24. 25, 26th Aug Initial tuition fee payment for candidates

confirming in the first round.

27, 28th Aug Reconciliation
29th Aug Second Allotment
30, 31 Aug. 1 Sep Initial tuition fee payment for candidates
confirming in the second-round allotment
3rd Sep Last date for remaining tuition fee payment for
the candidates confirmed in the first round and
Second round allotment.
2nd to 4th Sep Reconciliation
5th Sep Third Allotment (Final Allotment)
9th Sep All the candidates must pay Initial tuition fees and balance fees
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